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Thirty-One Gives

Learn more about Thirty-One Gives from Cindy Monroe, the Founder and CEO of Thirty-One Gifts.

We are a family of Consultants, Hostesses, customers and home office staff whose hearts are in perpetual motion. We believe strong confident girls will grow up to become strong compassionate women, who will be the driving force behind strong healthy families and communities.

Created in 2012, Thirty-One Gives is dedicated to supporting three key pieces of our heart – women, girls and families. Since 2012, we have donated over $36 million in product and cash to nonprofit organizations committed to that same mission.

We’re proud partners with several nonprofit organizations that align with our mission, and we offer our support in a number of ways, including product donations, Consultant giving, Home Office community partnerships and the Thirty-One Gives Fund.

All of this woven together is the fabric that makes us who we are – and it’s our collective efforts that will change the world for HER.

In September 2013, Thirty-One Gives launched in Canada. Our Canadian Customers can Round Up! their orders to support our mission and shop Gives in the Canadian Catalogue through the U  R  U Collection, Ronald McDonald House Charities® Thermal Tote, or Thirty-One Gives Care Ribbons.

Our Mission

We have a passion for serving and supporting girls, women and families. We believe strong, confident girls will grow up to become strong, compassionate women, who will be the driving force behind strong, healthy families and communities. Our mission is to celebrate others for who they are, giving them the support and self-esteem needed to lead a purposeful, thriving life. When we all work together and give a little piece of our heart, we can make a huge difference.

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Thirty-One Gives Care Council (U.S. Only)

Gives Care Coucil

The Thirty-One Gives Care Council was created to serve as the voice of all Consultants in selecting national nonprofit partners and determining how to allocate contributions made through U R U Collection sales and Gives Round Up!

Gives Care Council Members

  • Alexis Spence, Senior Executive Director, North Carolina
  • Angela Durham, Senior Executive Director, Alabama
  • Emily Oliver-Jones, Senior Executive Director, Indiana
  • Holley Cox, Senior Executive Director, Tennessee
  • Neely Basich, Senior Executive Director, Illinois
  • Beth Wyatt, Executive Director, Kentucky
  • Jonet Greenfield, Executive Director, Idaho
  • Lisa Niederberger, Executive Director, Texas
  • Tracy Jones, Executive Director, Georgia
  • Shalane Koon, Senior Director, West Virginia
  • Kelley Nix, Director, Florida
  • Robyn Brown, Director, Colorado
  • Sarah Poweska, Director, Pennsylvania
  • Shannon Taylor, Director, California
  • Tanisha Agee-Bell, Director, Ohio